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  • Today there are many different forms of Aikido that are studied in dojos (schools).  At Aikido of Richmond, we believe in the traditional practice of the art that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba.   We train together as a class and do not separate according to rank or skill level.  This allows newer students the opportunity to practice with advanced students and learn from different instructors; a feature that most schools do not offer.  We focus on maintaining an open and non-egocentric spirit on the mat.  As a whole we are dedicated to helping one another improve.   
    Students begin their training slowly, learning basic movements and attacks and are introduced to rolling.   During their first class new students will be on the mat with the group not off in a corner repeating simple motions.  As a new student one might only work through the most basic elements of a technique, but will be able to see others performing it in its entirety. 
    This helps students understand why they are performing these movements, and how the elements build into successful techniques.  As students progress these basic movements become faster, smoother and more complex.

    Each class begins with 20 – 30 minutes of warm up, light stretching, ukemi (tumbling and falling drills), and aiki-taiso.  Aiki-taiso are exercises that teach movements that are fundamental to the practice of Aikido.  The rest of class is spent learning and practicing Aikido techniques with partners.   Classes will be taught on a wide range of skills, which include: empty hands practice with one or more partners, knife or gun defense, bokken (wooden sword) and jo (short staff) practice and randori (free style practice).

    As members of the Shinzui Kan Aikido organization organization, we have the opportunity to attend seminars or camps throughout the year that are hosted by our affiliated schools.  By going to these camps, our students receive the benefits of seeing different instructors and working out and making new friends with their students.

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